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Creating a neutral place of exchange, without judgment, outside of the medical context

Are you a patient or a care-giver sharing your life with chronic pain, fibromyalgia included?

Are you a health professional?

Do you have the desire to enrich your knowledge or exchange?

You are welcome to my conferences, a neutral place of exchange, without judgment, outside of the medical context.

A place where patients, care-givers, health professionals, can share their experiences, their tools, their needs, their challenges, their life’s realities or their professional contexts.

A place that allows to break isolation and stigmatization, to better know one’s self – patients – care-givers – health professionals, to better communicate and co-create better together.

A place of possibilities: Yes, to live happy and fulfilled with chronic pain, it’s possible! Yes, collectively, we can improve the cares, the health and the quality of life of everyone.

I share with you my scientific knowledge, my experiential knowledge of life with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, with which I live since twenty one years.

I share with you the tools that I use or that I’ve developed to improve my health and quality of life.

Investment: $ 15 / conference of 1.5 hours, taxes included.

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