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Beatitude, more than a services offer. Above all else, a humane experience!

Joyce Dogba
Québec City

Through this testimonial, I wish to attest of the professionalism of Béatrice Débarges in the field of patient’s engagement in research. Since 2016, I worked with Béatrice on three research projects. Each collaboration was marked by professionalism, respect of deadlines, attention to detail and the innovation spirit and creativity of Béatrice. Béatrice has lead work groups and interdisciplinary discussion groups. She also commentated on research protocols and helped the development or research questions. Moreover, she makes contact easily with patients and knows how to react with tact and bring researchers back to more humane ways when necessary. It is without the shadow of a doubt that I recommend her services to any person interested in promoting partnership with patients.

Joyce Dogba
University Lecturer and Researcher at Laval University

Pierre Pluye


Over the last two years, I called on Béatrice on many occasions for her service of Expertise – Consulting Services promote the implication of patients in research, within the framework of our different initiatives in methodological development in all sorts of emerging domains associated to health and social cares and first line health services or integrated (machine learning and deep learning, cartography, informatics, information sciences, peer-reviewed publications, etc.). I chose her for her double expertise, that is to say her scientific knowledge of illness and her experience living with the illness, which constitute an important added value for our work. I am quite satisfied of our partnership and of the sound advices of Béatrice, who always new how to guide us in an efficient, patient, resilient and respectful manner (both from the point of view of the patient and that of the researchers).

Pierre Pluye MD, PhD
Tenured professor, Senior Research Scholar FRQS
Director, Methodological Development, SPOR Support Unit of Québec
Department of Family Medicine, McGill University, Montreal

Shandi Miller
Province of Quebec

Béatrice shares her expertise within our knowledge network since many years, within the framework of many mandates. Among those, she participates to strategic reflections and decisions, as well as to working group, by bringing in the point of view of a patient to the exchanges with clinicians, researchers and others. She helped us greatly in enhancing our sensibility to different issues and improving our mechanism when it comes to implicating and concerting with our patients members. In the name of Réseau-1 Québec, thank you very much Béatrice. Looking forward to collaborating with you again!


Over the last two years, Béatrice helped me greatly to deal with the personal and social implications of my illness. She also helped one of my caring relatives to better understand my situation and helped us to establish a better form of communication. When I had difficulties with some health professionals, she helped me to find the words and do everything in my power to better the situation. Thanks to her precious help, I was successful at better estimating my options and understanding the people around me.


Béatrice is a curious and passionate person who puts, on the daily, all her energies to contribute to the projects entrusted to her. I felt everyday an immense pleasure to collaborate with her because she is profoundly humane and generous. I was privilege to stand alongside her and grow, both personally and professionally, by her side.

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